August Director-y (2014 Edition)

The summer is flying by. August is already here and we’ve been keeping busy. I ended up co–writing a script for the 48 Hour Film Challenge, which is always a unique experience. This year we got permission to film at the Denver County Fair, which added to the fun. I did learn that people are drawn to press passes and that I need to find a way to get one more often.

It looked like Illya Kowalchuk’s presentation on pop Culture Classroom ( went over well. I ended up running into him at a mini-comic con they put on later that week. With two boys, keeping an eye on this group’s programing is well worth it. I really think their mission is very much worth supporting.

I am writing this at the 2nd Myth and Legends con as I wait for the fun to get started. Somehow I rate my own table here, through rearranging of the tables, somehow I am on my own little island. Most likely I will figure out our September and possible October guests as the convention progresses. I’ve been using conventions to put my programing together this year. It just seems like a great place to find interesting guests. My first panel will be ‘Why Firefly was Cut Short and Why Do we want it back’. Should be some fun discussions there, if we have anyone attending, as it is one of the first panels for the convention..

Oh course everyone knows that instead of a meeting in August we do our geek picnic. This year it will be at Progress Park again, 5200 S Huron St, Littleton, CO. The fun starts up at noon and goes until 4pm. Our director of vice will be hosting an after picnic party at his place. As always it is bring your own drinks and food for grilling, as well as some goodies to share. Should be a fun time for all, although it is everyone’s responsibility to make it fun.

Has everyone seen Guardians of the galaxy yet? It is a movie that lives up to its hype. I won’t go into much here, but I will say it has the greatest CGI characters we have seen to date. Make no mistake, I love what they did with Golem in the Lord of the Rings, but Rocket and Groot are so well done you really do not think of them as being CGI. Remember, we are talking about a sentient tree and a talking Raccoon as being believable character. While they have the comedic moments, they are not comic relief, but real, significant characters. Even with Groot only being able to say 'I am Groot' we are still able to see a fully realized character in that. Rocket and Groot kick Golem's pale little butt, as well as stomp Jar-jar and Dobby into insignificance.

I think I will finish up with that for this month. My Firefly panels it about to start up and I will hopefully be keeping myself busy enjoying the convention for the rest of the weekend.