March Director-y (2013 edition)

So now I see this Director of DASFA gig is a learning experience. Why was I not told of this when I was tricked into volunteering? Somehow things do not always go as planned making it so there are times we need to work on the fly to keep things going. There is actual work involved in doing this director thing.

At our February meeting our guest for the night, Kronda Seibert, was a no show. As it turns out she had been given the correct date but somehow got it in her mind the meeting was week later. A simple mistake that we have all made at times, so it is easily forgiven.

In the end I was able to sit back and be lazy as Jim Crawford took the stage and ran a rather enjoyable discussion on Steampunk. I owe him a big thanks for taking charge and doing my job for me. It is nice to see such effective and productive initiative taking place in our group. In fact I encourage anyone with an idea for a program they would like to see to get with me.

As the first try on a themed night it went over well and I have every intention of doing themed meetings in the future. If my plans for the May meeting work out, that will be another themed night. I am just waiting for a reply right now before I make any announcements.

Our guest for the March meeting will be writer Aaron Michael Ritchey. You can find his first novel ‘The Never Prayer’ in all the normal places. Feel free to get to know him better by checking out his blog at That is where you can learn his favorite Barbie movie for songs is The Princess and the Pauper and for story it is Barbie’s Rapunzel. Aaron is excited to be our guest and very much aware of the date, but just to be safe I’ll be sending him a reminder a few days before hand.

I would like to encourage our members to be active in talking about whatever genre related activity they have enjoyed. We have many outlets for this. You could get on our Facebook page and link to a novel you really enjoyed, or start up a conversation about the latest episode of Doctor Who. Did you go to a convention recently and have something to say about it? Write up a review and send it into Dasfax. Looking forwards to a movie coming out, but would like to get a group together to see it with? Go to our meet-up group, post a new meet-up and see who is interested in joining you. Feel free to make use of the outlets that are already there to make the most of your DASFA experience.

I think I'll end it with that this month.