October Director-y (2013 edition)

Now comes October, my favorite month of the year.

Those who made it to our alternate party last October know how our house looks this time of the year. Feel free to stop by and see my display this year. I will keep it all up for the November alternate at our place so everyone will get a chance to see it then.

My family ended September by going to the first Myth and Legends Con. I have to say it was a whole lot fun and one of the more memorable cons I’ve been to. In some ways it was a bunch of little fandom based cons being held together. They had a Dr. Horrible Shadowcast, an activity panel of blanket fort building, tea dueling, Dr. Who fashion show, The Pirate King competition, live music from local parody group Not Literally and much more.

Then we started off October by participating in the annual Littleton Zombie Crawl. The streets of Littleton ran wild with the march of the undead. As always there was every level of costuming represented there. It seems there are more families showing up every year.

One thing I do enjoy about the Denver area is just how much there is for someone involved the geek culture to appreciate. If you have the money and time it can be practically nonstop geek events every weekend with all that people continuously put on out here. If it is a geek life you are looking for, the Denver area is a great place to live.

Of course the big event for us this month will be MileHiCon. This year DASFA will be running a room with its own programing going on. I do want to thank all those who stepped up and volunteered to run a program. We have some interesting sounding programs set up, check out the schedule here. If you had wanted to run a program but were waiting for the official MileHiCon Schedule, there is still hope. I had to finalize the schedule in order to get into the MileHiCon program book. We have several hours that are listed as either ‘social time’ or ‘meet and greet’ that are in truth open times. If you are interested in running a program get back to me or my director of Vice and we’ll do what we can to fit you in. We will most likely even be able to make adjustments on Friday at the convention if need be. Due to the nature of hotels, we will not know our room number until check in on Friday.

The Saturday Dead Dog will function like our normal dead dog as a ‘bring your own party’ format, going until no one is left standing. In celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, Doctor Who is the official theme of the party. Although due to the time of year, Halloween with be a co-theme.

Outside of scheduled events, we will have a board with possible ideas for future programing for our monthly meetings. I encourage every member to stop by and add their feedback and ideas to the board. We will also have a collaborative story that will get posted on the DASFA website after the con. Everyone who wishes to participate will be asked to write approximately 200 words and keep the story going. We will find a way to have all the DASFA logos from over the years displayed there so members can see just what logos are out there in order to get prepared for a vote on which logo will be the official logo of the group.

So if we survive MileHiCon, at our November meeting we will have writers from Thursday Night Press give us a presentation of the works coming out from them. Then our annual Christmas party in December will finish off the year.